14 December 2006

grand hotel

Please come visit jezebel at The Gift on Grand, this Saturday the 16th, from 11 am until 8 pm, located at 33 Grand Street in Williamsburg, Brooklyn. And then, madly inspired by the industry you've just partaken in, please watch Grand Hotel.

06 November 2006

more dearest, darling stockists

i need to update my website. badly. until then, please note that, in addition to my website and the stockists listed there within, jezebel is also available at:

internet: www.day-lab.com, www.wreneleven.com

sweet home furnishings- little rock, arkansas
candy store- san francisco, california
rsvp- ketchum, idaho
hazel- chicago, illinois
essentials- northampton, massachusetts
fuschia home- lenox, massachusetts
greenwich letterpress- new york, new york
maiden hong kong- brooklyn, new york
smith- southampton, new york
three turtle doves- new york, new york
collier west- columbus, ohio
strawberry and jam- new hope, pennsylvania
figments- providence, rhode island
curtsy bella- seattle, washington
nancy- seattle, washington

distracted- perth, australia
red door gallery- edinburgh, scotland

the darlings glowed in the violet hour

I read seasonally, thematically, with an organizational system that relies on a hazy, haphazard, Jezebelian system of thought more heavily than an established methodology such as Dewey's Decimal System, Robert's Rules of Order, or Murphy's Law.

I am, at the moment, readying myself for a vespertine winter with my black swan. I finished The Voyage of the Narwhal, had the annual meeting with Andersen's Snow Queen over cinnamon coffee, and am now living in the particular phantasm of Mark Helprin's Winter Tale. It is possible I might never leave.

12 May 2006

shipwrecked, black-eyed, the vivians prowled jamaica

It was a kind of paradise for English children to come to, whatever it might be for their parents: especially at that time, when no one lived in at all in a wild way at home. Here, one had to be a little ahead of the times: or decadent, whichever you like to call it. The difference between boys and girls, for instance, had to be left to look after itself. Long hair would have made the evening search for grass ticks and nits interminable: Emily and Rachel had their hair cut short, and were allowed to do everything the boys did: to climb trees, and trap animals and birds: they even had two pockets in their frocks.
- A High Wind in Jamaica

06 May 2006

swan lake

may 1981, my mother (blanche) and i