28 April 2008

Scenes from Warsaw.

me and teepee on thefrisky.com, which by the way she is

Duh. She is.
I'll blame my bloated looking face on the pierogies.

24 April 2008

A day of hobgoblins and pierogies.

You know what you should do on Sunday? You should come to the Bust Craftacular at the Warsaw in Greenpoint and then head over to the Elf Power Happy Hour to listen to some threnodies (a new word I just learned), dirges, and anthems. After the show is over (or while it's going on) you should purchase one of these (very) limited addition posters I designed.

21 April 2008

Alabater, Argosy, and Dexter Sinister.

I love specificity, dedication, and obsession. All can be found in spades at the blog Books in New York. I was answering some questions for a writer this morning and one included, "Do you have any off-the-wall design practices, rituals, etc?" My answer: " Whenever I begin a new project, I head to my favorite used book store with a cup of my favorite iced cardamom coffee. If I strike gold at the 50cent and dollar carts, I consider the project blessed and an auspicious undertaking." Which, for the record, I don't consider to be off-the-wall at all.

20 April 2008

My castle, my books.

I snuck 2 books in without telling you: The World in the Evening by Christopher Isherwood and the thoroughly irritating and biased Anastasia by James B. Lovell. I wanted to believe in her, but that inconsistent and illogical tome didn't make me clap for dying fairies or lost Grand Duchesses.

16 April 2008

You who brushed the lip of lintels.

Listen, now, again in 10 minutes from now, again in three hours from now, again before slumber, many hours from now.

(found via Fashionista)

15 April 2008

What's better than 2 moccasins?

Four moccasins.
Coming to the feet of you know who this fall.

11 April 2008

On the occasion of my 29th...

I shall be selling Jezebel at the new Brooklyn Flea. Look for me in the design*sponge collective. I'll have tees and onesies and stationery and some general Jezebel detritus and will be joined by Tiffany P., the only vintage queen I know adorned with an adolescent Michael Jackson tattoo, and her insane stash of Southern treasures. To quote TP, "I own one of everything in the world." Come and get it.

See what the editors of W had to say about the Flea.

10 April 2008

Heart of the Country.

Ideas of savagely manicured 18th century landscapes in class this morning have me thinking about this image of Kate Moss tripping across the moors like Catherine searching for her rock and roll Heathcliff.

09 April 2008

If I were Jane Birkin,

I'd tote Teepee around town in this.

Jane and Serge, with her signature pre-Hermes bag

Jane and Serge and Jane's...

07 April 2008

Pom-poms for Teepee.

I'm a big fan of pom-poms. Teepee is a big fan of gnawing on pom-poms. Ergo, this is the blanket for us.

O is for...

Thank you to our friends at the newly launched OZOlife for waxing so poetically about Jezebel. Jezebel is particularly rosy-cheeked for having been classified as a cult object.

06 April 2008

Tea for two, and custom Jezebel, too.

a custom postcard for a family of seven, moving from the city to the country

Brooklyn Flea

where I was this weekend- mellow yellow!

I shoulda shoulda shoulda posted before this weekend that I'll be at the Brooklyn Flea next Sunday and the 27th in the design*sponge collective. I'm sorry to have missed the opening weekend, but the Sunshine State beckoned. The divine Miss Tiffany Porter will be selling jewels from her massive vintage collection at my table, and there'll be a special little four-legged guest as well.

02 April 2008

Under the shadow of the Williamsburg Bridge,

there is a jewelry shop called Bittersweets, run by a girl named Robin, with a black and white bunny. It is well worth the walk to the South Side to visit her enchanted treasure chest, and to experience a Williamsburg of days gone by. I wear a rose gold letter ring by Bittersweets on my left pinkie; it reads "BOB," as in Dylan. I just finished designing Robin's business cards and I couldn't be happier to have done so.

01 April 2008

Little Big in Japan.

Teepee with the Nylon Japan team at Catbird .
A star is born!