31 July 2007

Are you there God?

The rotary phone provides the perfect amount of earthliness to this scene. It makes me think of Six Feet Under and Greenwood Cemetery and Guess Who's Coming to Dinner and the love affair of O'Keefe and Stieglitz.

(image from John Galliano)

You can take me with you.

I would very much like to attend this party.

23 July 2007

The Innocent Voyage.

I returned, last evening, from an annual visit to Cape May with my lovely ladies. We played skee ball and drank champagne, two marks of a Very Fine Weekend to me.

I discovered a wee little shop, tucked under our hotel called Mother Grimm's Bears . The Mother turns one's old furs or wedding dresses into melancholy, Edwardian-faced teddy bears. She'll even turn the monogram on the inside of a fur coat into the paw of a bear. I'm having my bridesmaid's dress from her parent's wedding converted into a bear for my new baby niece.

19 July 2007

leaves and wings

I. Love. Books.
Brooklynites have a glorious tradition of leaving unwanted treasures on their stoops for neighbors and passer-bys. I swoop in and spirit them away.

It gives me a particular thrill to find evidences of previous readers stowed inside old books. The first image is from The Garden of the Finzi-Continis, source forgotten, the second a copy of Jane Eyre purchased at the Woodstock Library sale.

18 July 2007

in a pale, pistachio dressing room jezebel schemes

Dear Visitors to Jezebel's haphazardly maintained blog-
I am thinking of attending Parsons for their certificate program in interior design this fall. Do you know anything about it? Know anything about being an interior designer in 2007? Know who owns this truck I saw outfitted with a chandelier and brocade roof and small Flemish painting on the dashboard? No? That's okay. Really and truly, though, any pearls of wisdom will be treated like the jewels they are. Please either email jezebel@ilovejezebel.com or leave a comment.
yours truly, Jezebel

06 July 2007

one day, i will have an army of lace-makers

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Until then, Coral does the job valiantly.