28 February 2011

On choosing gold

Dear A.B., E.D., F.K., J.S., L.B., R.M., S.C.D.,

The bride wore black all weekend, and she wants to say: I sang. Quietly, softly, in my stuffed head, I sang from love. You are beautiful, I am blessed and I say,

Thank you, and I love you.

One is not born a woman, but becomes one. -Simone de Beauvoir

25 February 2011

Calling me back.

The tulip table I left behind last night, will live, in memoriam, with Neptune's light perched on it's side.

22 February 2011

I wish I could share this with you.

I enjoyed the fineries of a faint illness today, and laid in bed, late, surrounded by the promise of getting better. Winter leads to spring.

21 February 2011

My castle, my books.

work, Snow White way

Thank you, V., for sending The Long Goodbye, an unremittingly gorgeously written, gimlet-eyed guide to a journey of eating darkness. I am scared, I am sad, I needed a flashlight-book.

17 February 2011

Wild Silence

I miss you. Quiet is how I feel right now. Thank you for understanding. You are always so understanding.

14 February 2011

What we have

Roses by Nick Knight

When time begins to be measured in strands of good and bed, the preciousness of days is fully realized. I say to you, don't wait till you know the days are precious, but I know we live too in the moment to see the economy of moments. Today is a day for love, let every day we are given be a day for love.

09 February 2011


Yesterday morning, we went to 141 Worth Street. Our union is blessed by the City of New York. My B will be silent.

07 February 2011

The essence of it all.

Sometimes, love is like looking in a mirror. Sometimes, love shows you what you cannot see. Sometimes, love allows you to be the most lustrous pearl in the room. Sometimes, love lets you wear black nail polish to an all-white affair, because you find black beautiful and full of light. (video via Maryam Keyhani)

04 February 2011

She rises

This morning, I rose with love for Chell and Victoria; my favorite kind of girl is insight and light, wrapped in a New York minute. We touched on Madame Bovary and moved to loss. I need to find the pearl, or else I am lost. Last night, it was Cherokee Moon, born on Tuesday at 11:45 am, to our snow globe world.

03 February 2011

Together, we make a sweatsuit

And there I go, crunch, crunch, whoosh across the plasticine ice, to play Cupid. There is giving love, there is getting love, but Cupids? They nurture, nudge love from under wing to night sky.

01 February 2011

Humble, heart.

The lovely hand and heart behind The Wild Unknown, Kim, drew this gorgeous print to raise money for her sister, whose farmhouse and home burnt entirely to the ground last week. All proceeds go directly to Julia and her fiancé, so they can rebuild their life on the eve of beginning a new life together. Purchase here.