16 December 2007

Everyone ought to have a cut crystal bowl spilling over with candy.

I don't particulary care for candy and I particularly don't care for websites with music, but this one is just too good.

14 December 2007

Jezebel- tomorrow- at Secret Project Robot!

scene from Fritz Lang's robot-orific Metropolis

"ada's faded revolutionaries, all in gleaming furs"

I'll be selling Jezebel and all she has to offer, tomorrow, from 11-7 at The Gift: on Grand (on Kent), being held at Secret Project Robot on Kent and Metropolitan. I'll be sharing a table with my dear friend and inspirational/motivational figure, Rachel Milano, who will one day have a website of her own, which will be just as achingly perfect as the room of her own.

11 December 2007

The Effect Being.

Jezebel is the featured site of the month over at Domino. Not only are they so lavish with their love, they produce My. Favorite. Magazine. Period.

10 December 2007

Mythology gets me every time.

My friend, Thomas De Napoli, has posted some specs spots on YouTube. They are witty and sophisticated with a touch of Noel Coward and a whiff of sparkling champagne.