30 July 2008

Through the rabbit hole, Polaroid flashing.

do the ghosts of A New York Past work here?

I just browsed through Porter Hovey's Polaroid Project blog. I love seeing familiar spaces, and I also love how it's as though she walks around Williamsburg with blinders on, and only sees what she wants to see, which is mostly what I want to see, too.

28 July 2008

It sure is.

I love the unabashed joy of this journal, from one of my favorite journal makers, available at the unabashedly joyful Fred Flare.

I paid for play.

Jezebel's first advertisement is in the current issue of Bust. Bust, I toast you and raise a glass to your magic Midas touch.

Robber barons and redheads.

We spent Saturday with KP's parents, in town from Bucks County, home to the Pearl S. Buck House, though apparently not named for Mrs. Buck. The day began with brunch at Public, where a certain Sex and the City cast member was dining across the way, which really does begin a Manhattan day with a certain sort of luster. We then visited the Frick, a treasured Jezebel stockist, where KP surreptitiously took these photos (I believe I've already mentioned to you that breaking rules makes me nervous, but he is rather fearless). After an ice cream cone and a tour of Bergdorf's, we landed at Lupa (translation: she-wolf), where dinner began with a bellini and ended with cantaloupe sorbet. We then returned to Brooklyn, where Teepee and Coral had spent the day listening to Bitches Brew. Our pets love them some Miles.

Good queue!

Clara Rockmore, Theremin virtuoso, Theremin paramour

Sometimes the Netflix queue is just perfect. On tap for this stationer: Theremin, An Electronic Odyssey, Valerie and Her Week of Wonders, and My Family and Other Animals. A perfect antidote to the filthy dirty mass culture binging KP and I have been doing lately.

24 July 2008

The Queen's Hideaway

I had one very special dinner at The Queen's Hideaway a little over 2 years ago; when we arrived we had to oust the house pitbull from our table, and the wine list was full of rock and roll analogies. I ordered a glass of the Bob Dylan red, I'm sure. Tonight, inspired by an article on the Queen in Edible Brooklyn, I made a variation on a dish I had there- chilled sugar snap peas and cherries dressed in soy-chili. Teepee looked at me longingly with every bite, and let me tell you, that dog has excellent taste.

23 July 2008

Love on Elizabeth Street

Dinner on Elizabeth Street brings out the Mayle glutton in me. Truly, I could wear these pieces all fall and winter long. I particularly love the shearling collar- I have a similar thrift store fur piece that I wear morning, noon, and night as it pairs perfectly with dresses, boyfriend's tee shirts, and lace slips alike.

Speak, Memories

Todd Selby photographs folks and their possessions. I can't get enough. It's fun to see some familiar faces from the days I spend on Bedford Avenue.

(found via A Cup of Jo)

22 July 2008


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Bjork paper dolls.

In an effort to help Bjork put some clothes on, I've picked out these outfits from the fall 2008 couture shows. Your welcome, Bjork. It was my pleasure.

(from style.com- Anne Valerie Hash, Elie Saab, Givenchy, Jean Paul Gaultier)

21 July 2008

Sunshine of your love.

KP and I slipped away to the beach yesterday. Beaching feels like it needs to be at least 2 days to really take hold and shake the city out of you, though I do love a good day on the sand, and night at a roof party or an excellent bar garden. Though I'm always rather desperate at the idea of a beach vacation, this summer I'm saving my nickels and dimes for something else. I usually spend a weekend with my college lady loves at Congress Hall in Cape May, where the ballroom with the robin's egg walls and chipped black and white harlequin painted on wooden plank floors, and the cool marble stairwells flanked by soaring, fading mirrors sends my sun-addled mind into deliriums of filling the halls with friends in fancy dress, scribbling and strumming madly. Instead, I will be cooking up vats of this summer-corn salad, to load on corn tortillas with cabbage slaw, guacamole, and lots of lime and hot sauce, because as we know, all vegetarians are addicted to hot sauce.

15 July 2008

The Nine Day Queen.

be-headed queen collectible dolls, anyone?

An interview on Fashionista with the designers behind Lady Grey jewelry reminded me of my high school obsession with Lady Jane Grey. Lady Jane served as Queen of England and Ireland for nine days, as Henry VIII, he of the 6 wives, had declared his daughters, Mary and Elizabeth illegitimate. The bastards prevailed, and sweet Jane lost her head.

14 July 2008


It has come to my attention that someone very important to me is a lapsed reader of this blog. I figure that if I add a glut of what he loves (see above, though it should be noted that ought to be everything in this blog since everything in this blog = Jezebel) he will be compelled to visit daily. In addition, this blog is a very excellent guide to all gifts I would like to be showered with. Remember that Christian Louboutin alpaca purse? And who could forget the Chanel coat? With friends kicking around here, like B-O-B, Miles, our best photo assistant ever, Coral, and Teepee, my special someone ought to feel right at home 'round these parts.

10 July 2008

My castle, my books.

Lev Nussinbaum/Kurban Said via azer.com

A few weeks ago I read Ali and Nino and I am now totally obsessed with immersing myself into the world of Lev Nussinbaum and early 20th century Azerbaijan. More reports from the Caspian coast to come.

08 July 2008

Two very expensive things I want to wear.

Totally appropriate to trot around town with Teepee, play shopgirl in, and pack orders, no? In my defense, I do actually have very few things in my closet, that I wear over and over and over again, so if I wear this Chanel coat and Valentino dress every day forever, they'll pay for themselves, right?!

Edith Wharton gone bat-shit insane.

Sci-fi Chanel.

Browsing through Chanel's couture had me thinking of sci-fi princesses and Eastern influences.

07 July 2008

The Mama Catbird.

Rony, the heart and the brains behind Catbird, has started a blog. You should read it because Rony's a real kick in the pants and also because her little kitten is the subject of a series of relentlessly killer photographs (see above).

Le Cercle Rouge

I can't normally wrap my brain around crime movies, but the presence of scoundrel Alain Delon and the its' general hyper-stylish make Le Cercle Rouge wonderful.

02 July 2008

Is it gauche to Google one's own self? I say not.

A Vagabond Picnic search yielded this write-up on gold.org (not to be confused with gold.com.)

Celeb-in-training, mais oui!

54 East 55th Street, Rose Cumming Residence, 1927
via nyhistory.org

I'm not particularly astrologically inclined, but reading my "fashion horoscope" on NoGoodForMe this morning made me exhale. Silly, but it's nice to blindly and wildly believe the fiction you choose.

Your life is crrrraaaazzzzzzzyyyyy these days. Whose isn't, but yours feels especially tumultuous with all this crazy work action. Your home should be a refuge and a place to recharge, so a lot of your style energy could be devoted to fixing it up to reflect yourself. Usually you're a bundle of willpower and nerves, but take this chance to enjoy your home space. Don't worry, Aries -- you'll be back to your celeb-in-training ways soon enough, but till then make the place where you chill out and get away from it all a pretty one.