24 April 2007

like a wild, black-eyed sicilian widow clutching her breast

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I want this chair so badly it hurts.
Ouch. Ow. Oh.
Dolce & Gabbana for Kartell

(photo from design*sponge for House & Garden)

and a cocktail cabinet, too

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(found via decor8)

the dreams that mr. jezebel dreams

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to which I say:
"Hello Radiohead. Jezebel here. Empty bookshelves?! A tragedy."

18 April 2007

neo-luddites, unite!

I love you Miranda July.


17 April 2007

isn't it romantic

My friends, the lovebirds have returned to my window sill, making me feel all Snow White-like.

(Snow White images from animationarchive.org)

04 April 2007

turn of the screw

In the April issue of Vogue:
The Lake & Stars [a new Manhattan-based lingerie line] is aptly named, the duo says, after the Victorian expression for woman with a black belt in the bedroom arts (as in "She gave me the lakes and the stars...).

Having just purchased Parallel Lives on my weekly $1 cart book binge, I feel as though I owe some time to the Victorians and their deliciously poetic smuttiness.

02 April 2007

message from the mount

This photograph is an absolutely mad serving of my yearning for desert spaces and horses of Arabia with a soupcon of Paris surrealism.

(photo by Andrea Galvani)

01 April 2007

oui, oui mick-ee mick-ee

postcard by Nathalie Lete, purchased from John Derian