28 May 2008

Oh, no.

Teepee is going to have to do lots of damage control due to this filthy Walt Disney number:

The Glories of Glycerin.

My brother's awesome girlfriend, Stacy, just launched her soap line, Daisy Grove. She's been slaving over buckets for ages now and the result is delightful. I've been using her soaps for months and they got me through winter all humectified and happy. The soaps are vegetarian and made with sensitive skin in mind and are only $5 a bar, which is really a steal. I just learned that you can also use her soaps in your hair which is a bonus, since I'm always running 15 minutes late.

27 May 2008

Bed-headed and bleary-eyed, but I have so much to tell you.

Wait for me, please. I'll be back, I promise. Teepee and I are tucked and about to try and finish Nikita, which though I love, I keep falling asleep during. I suppose such things happen when you're not getting any younger.

19 May 2008

Vagabond Picnic by Jezebel makes a sleepy debut in the hands of a sleepy Jezebel.

Dear Friends,

I am tired. I've been spending my days at the Javits Center, exhibiting at the National Stationery Show. In lieu of creating more cards this year, I'm now offering 11" x 17" prints, and a 3 piece collection of jewelry called Vagabond Picnic by Jezebel. All are for sale on etsy. Please forgive the hasty post and provisional photos of the the jewels. I'll be back and loquacious in a few days.

truly yours,

15 May 2008

Oh, but I just thought you might want something fine/Made of silver or of golden

a 1963 Valentine's Day card from Bob to Suze, and a 1961 photo of them two, inscribed on the back from him to her

Last night, I went to see Suze Rotolo read from her new memoir, A Freewheelin' Time: A Memoir of Greenwich Village in the Sixties, about her years with Bob Dylan. She exudes the same vitality and grace that won me so in No Direction Home, avoiding what could be a deeply awkward and conflicted legacy, as the confidante and paramour of "Bobby before he came Dylan" by evincing the very qualities which must have drawn him to her at the first. I'd like to be like her when I grow up, and Isabella Rossellini, too.

14 May 2008

Mario Batali just sold me on Nascar.


on the way to the Kansas State Fair

nudies at Woodstock

How's a girl supposed to resist when Mario Batali compares Nascar to "Led Zeppelin meets the Kansas State Fair at Woodstock."

07 May 2008

Hexapoda sexual peccadilloes and the ways of the way North.

a dark view of the theater

a still from My Winnipeg

My brother took me to the Tribeca Film Festival for my birthday; we went to see My Winnipeg, which was wacky, elegiac, and narrated live by Guy Maddin, the director, on hand for the proceedings. Preceding My Winnipeg, was Green Porno, an equally, perhaps more wacky series of 8 one minute shorts about Insect Sex, written, directed, and starring Isabella Rossellini. She was there, too, and my brother and I were both unexpectedly teary-eyed when she spoke. Green Porno is amazing, side-splitting hilarity and I now have the biggest crush on I. Rossellini. You should watch them all right now!

Bulgaria 1: Overture to a Midwinter's Tale

This Jezebel designed print will be available for sale on Friday night, along with the cd, "Postcards from Bulgaria."

06 May 2008

BULGARIA- this Friday!

Hello Story-lovers of the World!

Has Larune got a tale for you! -- "A gloom-and-doom dabbler named Eleanor finds herself stranded in a strange wintery underworld where everything's doomy and gloomy and grey... Will she find her way back home? Will the pale queen Persephone make her a prisoner-minion forever? Will Springtime ever come?!"

To get the whole story and the NEW CD "Postcards from Bulgaria", please join Larune for a live presentation with full band, choir and narrator!

{A rock opera about death, suicide, and Black Sea vacations}
9PM sharp!
@ The Living Room
(Ludlow near Stanton, LES)

Presented by:
Annwyn Arts Company &

www.ilovejezebel.com (to view the poster!)

05 May 2008

I live on an Italian-American Street.

Oh, but to live on an Italian-Italian one!

photos from La Strada: Vintage Italian Street Photography at Keith De Lellis, via Liz

Oh, my little dear!

Audrey Hepburn and her pet deer, Pippin-
sometimes when Teepee is sleeping on her side she looks positively doe-like

Bulgaria: a rock opera about death, suicide, and Black Sea vacations.

Kamara Thomas of Larune and Earl Greyhound has written the most transporting theater piece, a rock and roll opera, a meditation of suicide: Bulgaria. Jezebel designed these posters to hang around town before Friday, May 9th's show at The Living Room.

02 May 2008

My castle, My books.

Father Yod and the Council of Women

I read The Source: The Untold Story of Father Yod, Ya Ho Wa 13, and The Source Family. It's an amazing story, told from the inside, of the guru Father Yod, owner of the Source restaurant (immortalized in Annie Hall) and the most stylish, white Rolls Royce driving, guru to have lived and died. It is rather remarkable that 30 years after his death in a hang-gliding accident, some family members seem to still live by the general principles he set forth.

footage of Father Yod from Don Como’s documentary Aliens from Spaceship Earth, narrated by Donovan

01 May 2008

I'm not really a Craftaholic. At all.

Nonetheless, I'd like to thank Metromix for interviewing me about the Bust Craftacular. Those Bust girls sure know how to throw a craft show.

If I had a lawn, I would want it to be swathed in moss.

David Benner on his moss lawn in Bucks County.
He hasn't watered it since the Kennedy Administration!

Mr. Benner first conceived of his moss lawn in the spring of 1962, when he bought the house with his wife, Sue, while working as a young botanist at Bowman’s Hill Wildflower Preserve in New Hope, Pa...But there was scant advice available on cultivating moss. The only book on moss his university library could track down was in Japanese...Mr. Benner sometimes walks barefoot on it after a rain — “some sort of magical invigorating energy goes through you when you stand on a thick patch of wet moss,” he said — and both he and his wife say they enjoy lying down in a particularly inviting stretch of (dry) moss. -NYTimes

Though I am decidely a dark brunette,

I love everything (except the Tord Boontje garland- I just can't get down with him, except the Icarus lamps, of course, available at the divine Mine Metal Art in Williamsburg) about Blonde Redhead's East Village apartment. Tassels and textiles and tacked up photos of Serge and Jane are really the name of my decorating game.

The hypnotism continues with this video Mike Mills directed for the trio.