01 May 2008

If I had a lawn, I would want it to be swathed in moss.

David Benner on his moss lawn in Bucks County.
He hasn't watered it since the Kennedy Administration!

Mr. Benner first conceived of his moss lawn in the spring of 1962, when he bought the house with his wife, Sue, while working as a young botanist at Bowman’s Hill Wildflower Preserve in New Hope, Pa...But there was scant advice available on cultivating moss. The only book on moss his university library could track down was in Japanese...Mr. Benner sometimes walks barefoot on it after a rain — “some sort of magical invigorating energy goes through you when you stand on a thick patch of wet moss,” he said — and both he and his wife say they enjoy lying down in a particularly inviting stretch of (dry) moss. -NYTimes

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