25 June 2008

Little Hands

Thank you to Marta Belo of Little Hands for pointing out the beautiful murals and wallpapers of her new-born company. I love this Northern Lights scene. It makes me think of a piece of art my parents bought out West when I was a child- a scene of a wild childhood, tumbling through the snow. And, of "ruby knew the mild, wild luminosity of deep december." Now, back to our previously scheduled season.

A hammock for grownups.

The Floating Bed looks very, very nice.

PBS, my eyes are dry!

still from Matthew Barney's Cremaster 5

Tonight, I had the sheer joy of stumbling upon Nova's The Perfect Pearl on PBS. It was so good I might have to buy it- and the only thing that I have watched on PBS recently, with the exception of Charlie Rose, that didn't make me weep. They are real downers over there. Oh, and pearls make me think of Cremaster 5, which I'd also like to own but will probably never purchase because owning to many things makes me anxious. Except for books. And black dresses.

Refined? Don't mind if I do.

I have loved Refinery 29 for ages- their approach to fashion is fueled by culture, history, and a healthy soupcon of particular specificity. Dreamy for me that the love has been requited!

18 June 2008

If Teepee had her own myspace page, Tiffers would be one of her top friends.

moxie she's got- in spades

The ladies of 2nd Street love Tiffany Porter a lot. She's a straight-shooter, a kick in the pants, and a visionary- and it doesn't hurt that she is very generous about sharing her tacos with Teepee. Tiffers has launched a blog, Old Hollywood, which chronicles her stalwart Southern opines of style, and gives a peek into the goods that she hauls to the Brooklyn Flea every weekend. Sometimes, you can find me selling Jezebel detritus alongside her (I'll start posting photos of the goodies I'll be selling shortly). On such Sundays, Teepee spends the day sleeping on my laundry, since the Flea is a dog-free affair.

A Cricket in Times Square, Gold Ants in Carroll Gardens.

Thank you, thank you, thank you to my beloved NY Magazine for including Vagabond Picnic by Jezebel in their Crafty Sexy Cool roundup of the jewelry offerings at the Renegade Craft Fair. It was deliciously thrilling to see one of my ants tucked into the corner of their homepage.

17 June 2008

I did scream.

Rain is an annual tradition at the Renegade Craft Fair. This year, the rain reached biblical proportions. I consoled myself with 2 ice cream cones, which mysteriously, cost a $1 more on the second day than the first. The pool was full of folks all but giving away their lovingly made goods, and yet the ice cream man was totally gouging us. Not cool. This lamp, though, is terribly cool and weird and I love it.

11 June 2008

Jezebel, under a white canopy at...

Come say hello! We'll be listening to Led Zeppelin and doing a no-rain dance. Which, I guess, means we won't be dancing. Which is exactly how I like it.

And (some) new tshirts, too!

I've posted some of the new batch of tees on etsy. More on the way!

New tote bags for sale!

The Renegade Craft Fair is this weekend, and I'm working, nimble as a little thimble. I've put new totes up on Etsy- I'll be selling them at Renegade, too.

09 June 2008

What ever will the tooth fairy leave her?

Teepee lost her first tooth! Mind you, this photo is approximately 6 times larger than life.

On a hot tar roof.

As you might know, it's really hot outside. What you might not know is that it's hotter inside. Inside my apartment, that is. Teepee beat the heat by diving into some watermelon. Smart girl.

04 June 2008

David Gilmour is making me blush.

I watched Pink Floyd Live at Pompeii months ago. It is eerie and beautiful. I think I always stayed away from the Floyd because it scared me as a small child when my father would listen to them, but associating David Gilmour's dreamy visage with their sounds has really helped me move on.

Asrai's Garden of Earthly Delights.

Vagabond Picnic by Jezebel, my new jewelry line, will be available at Asrai Garden in Chicago in 2 weeks or so. An enormous bear hug to Rose, for making the connection. The jewels are also available at Catbird on Bedford Avenue, where you can catch me and Teepee on Thursdays and Fridays.

Binth and Trace, how I did miss you!

The Great Lakes Goods

Carrot and Stick Press

Red Cap Cards

When thinking about the four days I spent in the Javits Center a few weeks ago, anything pithy or clever immediately flies from my brain. Grace has, as always, an exhaustive and fantastic recap of the show. I loved seeing my friend Rose from The Great Lakes Goods, formerly Tennis Anyone, and Kim K. an old DC friend, and am besides myself with joy that Susie from Carrot and Stick Press and Carrie of Red Cap Cards, creator of Apple Moshberry, will both be wearing Vagabond Picnic by Jezebel! It was also a bright light to meet illustrators Masha D'yans and Eleanor Grosch, and an amazing gemologist with a coral colored apartment (her mother told me all about it), and what would a trade show be without Stacy Pancake of Pancake and Franks reprimanding me about my posture. She's right- it's terrible.

p.s. The very best thing was meeting you readers of this here b-l-o-g!

03 June 2008

All I'm missing is a Lemon Sake candle,

which I think means I'm doing quite well. Packing orders today, windows open, fan blowing, guacamole for lunch, and Sandro Perri streaming through the shiny new speakers, makes me want to do exactly what Hedy Lamarr is doing above, minus the running naked through a field after a horse bit.

My castle, my books.

Errol Flynn and Brigitte Bardot

I forgot to tell you that I devoured Errol Flynn's My Wicked, Wicked Ways. I was more impressed by his writing than his escapades, namely because it's impossible not to expect such shenanigans from Robin Hood and the Earl of Essex himself.

My castle, my books.

I just finished reading this puppy. I must say, the end left me wanting.