18 June 2008

If Teepee had her own myspace page, Tiffers would be one of her top friends.

moxie she's got- in spades

The ladies of 2nd Street love Tiffany Porter a lot. She's a straight-shooter, a kick in the pants, and a visionary- and it doesn't hurt that she is very generous about sharing her tacos with Teepee. Tiffers has launched a blog, Old Hollywood, which chronicles her stalwart Southern opines of style, and gives a peek into the goods that she hauls to the Brooklyn Flea every weekend. Sometimes, you can find me selling Jezebel detritus alongside her (I'll start posting photos of the goodies I'll be selling shortly). On such Sundays, Teepee spends the day sleeping on my laundry, since the Flea is a dog-free affair.

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