29 May 2009

Peter Pan and Wendy wean babies not their own on chic baubles

good morning sweet pickwick-
new baby card available at

new york toile bib, available here,

My mother always wanted to visit the zoo on the coldest day of the year to see the polar bears smiling

official Two Weeks video (Loretta Lux meets There Will be Blood)

Going to Manhattan to see these boys from Brooklyn tonight.

27 May 2009

K & G: this is she

Eva Green, via Scout Holiday

My castle, my books.

Colette by Jacques Humbet, 1896

Been lugging around The Complete Claudine. Hardcovers are bad news for the subway bound.

26 May 2009

I live in London and I love it, but this is better

I got closer to nature this weekend than I've ever been. My friends Ghost Gamblers played a festival, so we drove to PA and I camped for the first time. Turns out I love camping, especially when the tent is set up on your arrival and outfitted with an air mattress and there is a house to dip into and a short sleeve faux leopard coat to keep you warm at night.

22 May 2009

Off he sails, to his mother's land

Ardi made me an Indonesian dinner last night that makes me fret.  It was so above and beyond delicious, and he is heading there for the next 2 months, and I am not sure how I will be able to wait that long to eat his cooking again.  I wore my black dress from Bali and tumbled into glorious slumber not soon after dessert was done.

21 May 2009

A woman with a story to tell, lives with 3 little bears in the Chelsea Hotel

I say it every time, but really this time, Sally Singer on the Selby is my favorite. This is why:


An early morning, caramelized grapefruit with mint, Italian army sneakers, bands, a old friend with a new bob, and selling Jezebel at Catbird and I love where I live.

those were the days when there was no internet and dinosaurs were flying in the skies roaring

Everything about We could grow up together is setting off little green fireworks, and I love his hanging, "I know all the streets of Paris but here in the country I am lost." It does remind me of my favorite John Derian object and the general topsy-turviness of an urbanite in the woods or All's Well That Ends Well.
(Thank you to
Mr. Peacock for reintroducing me.)

18 May 2009

Rose and Char, Char and Rose

Asrai Garden, Chicago where Rose and Char work together on non-stationer days, stockist of Jezebel

Fellow stationers, Rose from The Great Lakes Goods and Char from Pearl and Marmalade, came for dinner tonight. We had a romaine, strawberry, and shallot salad, pasta with asparagus and parmesan, mustard fruit and marscapone and some sort of delicious white wine. Teepee showed off her fox stole and Chewnel No. 5. while we talked shop- they filled me in on the stationery show (I'm taking this year off) and I showed them my new old pair of slouchy black sequined shorts.

directoire iron table, italy, late 1890s

A room to: drink coffee, write a book, read magazines, play records, hear a cygnet song emerge.

A chief regret

Marianne, Hydra

Though this weekend was beautiful, I was not able to see Leonard Cohen at Radio City Music Hall, and that makes me quite blue. In lieu, I re-read this interview with Marianne Ihlen, the Marianne of "So Long, Marianne."

For now, she is called Gertrude

Uninspired skies dampened not my weekend. A new swan was born on Hope Street, a dearest's birthday celebrated over Oaxacan, and then, I sold Jezebel under my favorite disco ball in all of Brooklyn.

15 May 2009

Mine-Haha, or to who Darger unknowingly owes

Again, I say nothing, except to whisper in a slight, sly monotone, "watch Innocence."

14 May 2009

they lay moon faced, deep in clover, for lily the liar

image from living etc via {this is glamorous}

Morning rain, evening rain, sleepy Teepee, black bed envy.

Early morning coffee & chrysanthemums

Teepee is utterly exhausted, buried under my legs, under the covers. We worked yesterday, then rushed home to prepare Mexican dinner for friends, stopping on the way to buy a print and a piece of furniture from a neighbor. The furniture is being delivered this evening, I will take photos, Teepee will probably still be sleeping.

11 May 2009

apple, adam & eve frm

Fears, reconsidered

Terrified of fish, love these earrings nonetheless, perhaps even more for it.  A friend from olden days, a poet-warrior now in the navy, promised before every fishing trip that he would rid the world of those slippery beasts in my honor.  Bloody and cruel, and I wouldn't want him to even kill one in my honor, but still- a slightly deranged poetic statement.  

Naming new planet, please consider PLUTO, suggested by small girl Venetia Burney for dark and gloomy planet.

But the thing of it is, it can only be opened from within

If I were going to St. John next week with my bff's and if I were inclined in the direction of the one piece, these numbers would be packed in my valise.

There are babies named Blossom and babies named Birdie

Been buying up vintage silk flowers for a new little venture. I love these, plucked from a 1920s wedding dress, but they are too, too expensive. Any sources for gorgeous, totally madcap bonkers silk blooms? Aside from Dulken & Derrick, though I would love to patronize the preferred vendor of Eleanor Roosevelt.

10 May 2009

My castle, my books.

This time, the book is a secret, but this story from it speaks to me:

Two friends were traveling together from town to town...one of them fell into a river, and the other leaped in and saved him from drowning. The friend who had almost drowned had his servants carve these words on the large rock nearby: "Traveler! In this place, Nagib risked his life and saved the life of his friend Mussa."
The friends then resumed their journey-- only to find themselves, on the return trip, at the very spot where one had saved the life of the other. As they sat and spoke, a difference of opinion turned into a quarrel. Words were exchanged and the one who had almost drowned was hit in the face by his friend. He picked himself up, took a stick, and wrote these words in the sand: "Traveler! In this place, Nagib, in a trivial argument broke the heart of his friend Mussa."

Mussa was asked by one of his men why he would carve the story of his friend's heroism in stone, but tell the story of his cruelty only in the sand. He responded, "I will always cherish the memory of how my friend Nagib saved me in a time of danger. But the grave injury he just gave me- it is my hope that I will forgive him for it, even before the words fade from the sand."

07 May 2009

For all Seasons

My dearest Amal's song "Charleston" was used as a musical interlude on NPR's Weekend Edition on Sunday. She's headed to Nepal tonight, which is wonderful for her, but I'm slightly miffed, as I really just want to drink whiskey and wine with her, oh, every night of the week.