18 May 2009

Rose and Char, Char and Rose

Asrai Garden, Chicago where Rose and Char work together on non-stationer days, stockist of Jezebel

Fellow stationers, Rose from The Great Lakes Goods and Char from Pearl and Marmalade, came for dinner tonight. We had a romaine, strawberry, and shallot salad, pasta with asparagus and parmesan, mustard fruit and marscapone and some sort of delicious white wine. Teepee showed off her fox stole and Chewnel No. 5. while we talked shop- they filled me in on the stationery show (I'm taking this year off) and I showed them my new old pair of slouchy black sequined shorts.

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little augury said...

I am a paper fiend- can't wait to shop these- Touche! G