12 May 2006

shipwrecked, black-eyed, the vivians prowled jamaica

It was a kind of paradise for English children to come to, whatever it might be for their parents: especially at that time, when no one lived in at all in a wild way at home. Here, one had to be a little ahead of the times: or decadent, whichever you like to call it. The difference between boys and girls, for instance, had to be left to look after itself. Long hair would have made the evening search for grass ticks and nits interminable: Emily and Rachel had their hair cut short, and were allowed to do everything the boys did: to climb trees, and trap animals and birds: they even had two pockets in their frocks.
- A High Wind in Jamaica

06 May 2006

swan lake

may 1981, my mother (blanche) and i