31 August 2009

Ever ever ever

There might or might not be a giant gorilla in my apartment. If he were here, it would be quite easy for him to hide amongst the sea of boxes. I missed Grizzly Bear yesterday; I took a break over some wine and pistachios with Amal and Kamara.

28 August 2009

Far Pavilions

These days, I'm wearing my silver Afghani earrings that dear Zoya bought for me eleven years ago, in Karachi, when
we used to leave offerings to Athena, and girls like me didn't really know all that much about the land where the earrings were made and the people who made them. Zoya is here from London, tonight we will raise a glass, I will kiss her 2 sons, and we will remember a time- sweet, blissful, unaware.

"To market, to market!" cried pink goblins and blue ghosts

What a joy to see the monument before it has risen, and its marble enshrined. Here is the journey, the process, that which gets carved away.

27 August 2009

Inner Arwen

Unpacking the thinnest, diamond encrusted bands yesterday caused my magpie to roar, and so I pinned a rhinestone necklace in my hair.

25 August 2009

Haunted Since. Lou Doillon at home frm Dossier

Good morning, to you and Lou Doillon, too. There are rugs in my home today- they were not here yesterday. I do so like the freshly moved look- piles of books everywhere, a pale nightgown hanging from a hook, 2 or 3 bottles of perfume and nail polish on a bare dresser, and boxes artfully arranged.

24 August 2009

High arches, full quivers

Last Year at Marienbad

Drove uptown Saturday morning, then turned our gaze down, where we dined on avocado toast and fruit salad with mint at Cafe Gitane, washed it down with an iced cardamom coffee from Hampton Chutney, bought boots and bloomers, and sat for a Bloody Mary with Shirah under the faded black and white awning of the Bowery Hotel veranda. Marble stairs and rock crystal chandeliers and plush corridors pulls the silver threads of my omnipresent longing for imagined repose with my guitar player. Hotel films to quell the longing 'til we stay at the Tribeca Grand: The Silence, The Shining, Last Year at Marienbad, Lost in Translation, Grand Hotel, le petit Hotel Chevalier, Bay of Angels, Eva.

21 August 2009

your Dark Parlour

Dearest R.,
Thank you for solving how to stow many pairs of denim in a closet that does not accommodate hangers. Thank you for sharing the Bright Star website, in all its full-fleshed glory. Let us reconvene and discuss Romantic poets and the romantic poetics of caring for one's delicates in McGolrick Park on Sunday, iced coffees from Fortunato's in hand.

19 August 2009

for my sweet baby, and her stationer who loves bitters

We are so very lucky- Teepee played muse for our friend Robin, of Bittersweets fame, and I get to wear the achingly perfect results!  I also daily wear a Bittersweets teeny diamond ring on my left pinky, where my rose gold BOB ring used to live.  

Sound, music! Come, my queen, take hands with me,/And rock the ground whereon these sleepers be.

Yesterday I missed you. Today I'm feeling a little quiet: let us spend some time in an enchanted forest with four fair Athenians.

17 August 2009

And they shone

the rescuers, frm animation backgrounds

Back from the most beautiful wedding, of two I love dearly, in Chicago, off to treasure hunt again for Catbird.

14 August 2009


How I do look forward to seeing you two,
And to seeing you two make something new.

13 August 2009

My castle, my books.

Like a small child, I've resisted Angle of Repose for years.  Little Augury convinced me to give in.  I popped in to Spoonbill & Sugartown last evening and bought myself an unfortunately unattractive used edition.  Covers ought to match content, no?

Philomot ascending

The days of high summer are quickly exiting the room, and one must give way to the anticipatory joys of early fall. I strive to visit the beach at least once more before the leaves grow heavy and my desires shift from summer black to Grandmother's old furs.

12 August 2009

Oh, the adventures there will be with two little misses!


Say it three times, slow: the adventures of her serene limpness, the moon-faced princess, dulcet and debonaire.

11 August 2009


In the Great Hall, we left offerings in red at the feet of Athena

Walking by a neighbor's regularly-irregular sidewalk sale yesterday, I realized I'm sorely lacking some sort of classical statuette upon which to drape necklaces. I'm looking for something with lots of toga detailing, perhaps a bare breast, and ideally a quiver full of arrows.

10 August 2009

Ghost Written

Water Willow, Dante Gabriel Rossetti, 1871

Responsibilities will have to be set aside for a few hours, to take in the BBC's Desperate Romantics. I am not taken with the art of the Pre-Raphaelites but the throes, thralls, and tragedies behind the curtain is fascinating. And, again, I thank you.

07 August 2009

JWC, you've humbled me

Snow White
Alice in Wonderland
The Truth About Mother Goose
Peter Pan

A dear reader sent along the link to Animation Backgrounds, a strange and wonderful rabbit hole if I ever did see one. I suppose St. V. might like this, too.

06 August 2009

In the event you are a billionaire's baby, born in August

I've picked out some jewels for you from 1st Dibs, featuring your birthstone, peridot. Let me know which one you get. Ever so sorry for being a few days late.

05 August 2009

An early Fall

We'll be heading north to Maine in a few weeks. I've a vision of cool waters, sylvan woods, and rock pools bubbling with fat starfish and lazy anemones. When I hear mention made of humidity and traffic, I silently sing myself a song, and dream of what I will be wearing to her barnyard wedding.

04 August 2009

Yesterday's mistakes

honey strums a creaky tune for hannah and gilda, $3.50 or $14 for a box at www.ilovejezebel.com

Hello, I love this card. So, when I tell you this, please don't be upset. The lady is playing the harp backwards. I am a harpist...so that's why I decided to tell you. The way to sit at the harp is actually with the top (smallest, highest pitch) strings closest to you. I really hope I am not offending you here. Unless perhaps the card is portraying a rather morose song with many bass notes and then that's the way it would sound when she's playing it. That definitely works for the card's title! Either way, I still really love that you picked a harp here...

From a recently received email. Thank you truly, Angela.
All Jezebel images were born in the 19th or early 20th century.
All Jezebel titles are born today (with the exception of a nod to Bowie.)

It might just be a matter of where you stand- an ilex grove or 2nd Street is simply not the same

Beautiful. I like Fellini too. I thought he was a surrealist until I went to Italy. Now I realise he's a graphic realist!
-Joni Mitchell

03 August 2009

honouring valentine

blank card with vellum envelope, $3.50 or $14 for a box, available at www.ilovejezebel.com

Off hunting new treasures for Catbird- let's meet back here later tonight.