04 August 2009

Yesterday's mistakes

honey strums a creaky tune for hannah and gilda, $3.50 or $14 for a box at www.ilovejezebel.com

Hello, I love this card. So, when I tell you this, please don't be upset. The lady is playing the harp backwards. I am a harpist...so that's why I decided to tell you. The way to sit at the harp is actually with the top (smallest, highest pitch) strings closest to you. I really hope I am not offending you here. Unless perhaps the card is portraying a rather morose song with many bass notes and then that's the way it would sound when she's playing it. That definitely works for the card's title! Either way, I still really love that you picked a harp here...

From a recently received email. Thank you truly, Angela.
All Jezebel images were born in the 19th or early 20th century.
All Jezebel titles are born today (with the exception of a nod to Bowie.)

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