11 August 2009

In the Great Hall, we left offerings in red at the feet of Athena

Walking by a neighbor's regularly-irregular sidewalk sale yesterday, I realized I'm sorely lacking some sort of classical statuette upon which to drape necklaces. I'm looking for something with lots of toga detailing, perhaps a bare breast, and ideally a quiver full of arrows.


Emerson Merrick said...

What is with that guy? I never ever thought i'd say this about a sidewalk sale, but he's turning the street into a dump!

Have you ever noticed how all of the lights inside his house are red or blue? Something funny is going on in there.

Whoa. I just turned into the epitome of an old gossipy neighbor. i love it.

jezebel said...

Maybe in exchange for his junking up our block, we can get him to monitor the egregious noise and trash situation?

We should set up some tin cans between our windows, Really Rosie style.

Emerson Merrick said...

yes yes yes!