26 February 2009

Jezebel giveaway at {this is glamorous}

I've partnered with the gobsmackingly gorgeous blog {this is glamorous} for a giveaway of my Vagabond Picnic 14k rose gold ant earrings. Click here for a chance to win, or better yet, click here to buy. After all, I've got mouths to feed. All right, all right- the jig is up. My shrimp has a weekly food allowance of approximately $1.74. And she eats the fancy stuff. Little body, little belly.

24 February 2009

Ode to a small thing (not Teepee), volume 2

So sudsy, so satisfying. I find dish washing very therapeutic.

Speaking of soap, Stacy has been furiously soaping and one of the results is her highly-addictive Patchouli Elemi blend. As a rule, I'm not particularly a Patchouli person, but my puppy and her person have been trotting about town, smelling like the most-sophisticates of hippies, and we feel just delightful.

Little Ghost with an SLR

There is Something About You from his etsy shop

21 February 2009

My darling deep deep clementine

Girl Friends, Klimt, 1916-17

In a very anti-fashion week move, I purchased myself this shirt from last season for a song. It's not quite as brassy as it looks here; I plan to wear it here, there, everywhere.

16 February 2009

My castle, my books.

Not my usual vicarious lives of the glamorous fare, The Etiquette of Illness was gifted to me by my dear Shirah, and is truly one of the best gifts I have ever received. It's small, slender, essential reading, not just for those presently dealing with illness, but for anyone seeking to build stronger lines of communication.

14 February 2009

For your contemplation

Brancusi statue, LIFE, 1949

11 February 2009

dear virginia, an odalisque on the payphone

dear virginia, an odalisque on the payphone - card, tote, tee all available at www.ilovejezebel.com

The Grand Odalisque, Ingres, 1814

Odalisque, Picasso, 1951

Odalisque, Boucher, 1745

09 February 2009

Blossom Dearie, Apr 28 1926 - Feb 7 2009.

It was said of Blossom Dearie (her Christian name) by New Yorker critic Whitney Balliett that "her voice would scarcely reach the second storey of a dollhouse."

05 February 2009

On the road to home

the sweetest little Frenchie snowman, shot by Amy in our neck of the woods

I grew up in a town called Merrick, and it's her last name. It's no wonder I like Ms. An Apple a Day so very much- while I love reading her blog, meeting the person was even better.

02 February 2009

Signed Jezebel

I've been staring at these all day, via Emma Cassi. I think they'd make a lovely addition to a lovely shop in Brooklyn called Catbird. Speaking of Catbird, I've been posting thrice weekly on Rony's blog. My posts are signed Jezebel.

Grease monkeys

1890s paste pin frm Erie Basin

Having a 9 yr old brother requires attendance at his annual Super Bowl party. My favorite commercial was the one with monkeys- I don't remember who it was for, which perhaps indicates that as advertising, the efficacy was doubtful. Then again, I also don't remember which teams played, so I'm probably not the target market for those multi-million dollar follies.