05 February 2009

On the road to home

the sweetest little Frenchie snowman, shot by Amy in our neck of the woods

I grew up in a town called Merrick, and it's her last name. It's no wonder I like Ms. An Apple a Day so very much- while I love reading her blog, meeting the person was even better.


Emerson Merrick said...

Aww shucks! It was a pleasure finally meeting you, you're such a dear. and tepee is epically cute, too.

AND I can't believe you grew up in Merrick! Once, in middle school, I found a vintage tee shirt that said Merrick, LI and I didn't buy it because at $25 it seemed like an awful lot for a 13 year old. Oh the regret.

robin red. said...


I just moved to Williamsburg, for a bit.

Did I see your things selling at the New Museum?

It's nice to see your work in real life.


jezebel said...

Welcome to Brooklyn (for a bit)! Indeed, you did see Jezebel at the New Museum.

Mr. Peacock said...

Oh Jezebel....
your lovely designs look
fantastic on the t-shirt
and tote bag!!!

Kathleen said...

This may seem quite random, because it is... I just posted on my blog about how much I love Etsy, then Shirah Caughman directed me to your etsy shop, which brought me to your website and then here. I did some display window setting-up for you in Atlanta at the Rockport store, back in 2005, probably. (Shirah is one of my sister's best friends.) Then I was looking through your blog and saw you had linked to An Apple a Day, to which I also subscribe - she is a friend of my former classmate Ginny Branch, of My Favorite Color is Shiny fame. Just thought it was cool to find so many random connections in the space of a few minutes! I've added yours to my favorite etsy shops :)

jezebel said...

Kathleen! I love such serendipity. I'm a big fan of your sister's and I'm having dinner with Shirah tonight, and Amy lives but a few doors down from me, and I met Ginny for the first time but a few weeks ago!