30 June 2009

29 June 2009

Tonight, you can find me on Faro Island

Eating a salad of strawberries, romaine, and red onion for lunch reminds me of Wild Strawberries (mine were not) which reminds me that I just got Bergman Island in the mail.

For Chell

Johnny Depp's girl + Marianne Faithfull's rasp

Michelle needs a Fendi case

Sophia Loren and her wigs, source ?

26 June 2009

A fringe-footed acolyte

Snow White stills frm

St. Vincent's live show was a thing of strange beauty, fully wrought and staged by a girl a bit Chaplin, a touch Keaton (Diane), with a wide-eyed helping of Edward (Scissorhands.)  It was a sad day yesterday, sentient beasts were prowling, and to welcome a thing, new and clean and nascent was a gift.  

25 June 2009

The sweet whimsy of dying poets


Going to see St. Vincent tonight. Not entirely sure I like her records, entirely sure I love her taste in movies.

24 June 2009

April's envy

Like Poseidon's son Triton, I'm a little irritable.  Hoping some (read: loads) of coffee will banish these mean reds.   

23 June 2009


These videos Nijinsky dancing were created by Christian Comte; he pieced together still photographs from 1912 to render a few seconds of what made Paris burn a century ago- Nijinsky's seductive, suggestive stage stories with the Ballets Russes. (via the New Yorker)

22 June 2009

My castle, my books.

Bhadase Sagan Maraj, reading at home in Trinidad, 1958

Reading Mystic Masseur by V.S. Naipaul, which means I've finished Girls Like Us. Pleased to have found it in a box of books abandoned by a neighbor.

19 June 2009

Mr. Maisner

umbrella by Maisner, one of a suite he used in the windows of a little placed called Tiffany & Co.

Feeling slightly starstruck.   Just got off the phone with the ne plus ultra of calligraphers, Bernard Maisner.  I'll tell you why some other time.

Evening by evening/Among the brookside rushes

frm British Vogue

It's true, it's true!

sweets edison dipped into the magic carpet cocktail cabinet

It really is the sort of morning to listen to Edda Dell'Orso, play around with my new-old, drapey, nude dress from the Brooklyn Flea, and contemplate tomorrow's brunch options.

18 June 2009


I just can't get enough of those Botwins. In the event that it does rain all summer, you know where to find me: Agrestic.

17 June 2009

Lady Luck...

has graced me with my friends, Ghost Gamblers.

My castle, my books.

It's been awfully nice engaging with the world, but please excuse me as I disappear into Girls Like Us: Carole King, Joni Mitchell, Carly Simon- and the Journey of a Generation

the Chimes of Freedom Flashing

I received the most special wedding invitation ever the other day and I can't wait to share it with you. Until then, this snippet of beauty... (frm Martha Stewart via Katy Elliott)

16 June 2009


Can't wait to mail this to my dear mom (we hatched ducks in our kitchen when I was in high school). Thank you to Jane from Foxy & Winston for slipping this in my bag at the Brooklyn Flea on Sunday.

15 June 2009

Beautiful bondage

Monuments played at the Billy Reid store on Bond Street, which provided an excellent opportunity to chat with (and a few beers later, forget to say goodbye to- oops!) Hollister and Porter Hovey, who are warm and lovely as could be. Same goes for the Billy Reid crew. Really, it was a beautiful night on Bond Street, which would have been made all the more so by a dinner at Il Buco. Roebling Tea Room came in a not too shabby 2nd place. (photo by Porter Hovey)

10 June 2009

Burton at the Moma, or British brides and suburban nightmares

In the full throes of early summer, any snow, even that created by the detritus drifting from ice topiaries, is an unwelcome guest. I will likely be of a different mind by November 22, when the Tim Burton retrospective opens at the Moma.  (via NYTimes)

09 June 2009

Eastern adventures of stationers and troubadours

I am very excited to live in the same city as my friend, Rose. Before she moves here with her husband Robert and their Miss Josephine (future friend of Teepee), Robert (aka Lichens) plays a show at the Cartier Foundation in Paris. Not too shabby. Since I couldn't swing a ticket to Paris on such short notice, I'll see him at the Cake Shop instead.

Mary from India, orphaned, flung far

I think it would be very agreeable to wear grown-up versions of these antique pieces from Belle Heir all summer long, accented by black underpinnings, and my recently resurrected Dries Van Noten sandals.

08 June 2009

Literati, Glitterati, and the best dressed fair-goers in town

me, surrounded by sunscreen, iced coffee, black eyeliner- my summer essentials
my earringsshells, lace, silk ribbons on my table

photos by MK Wong, of Cursive New York in ABC Carpet & Home and now Grand Central terminal

honey strums a creaky tune for gilda and hannah

image frm Erie Basin

Slowly rising and reviving from a perfect weekend.

05 June 2009

GB, it's all going to be okay

Renegade Craft Fair this weekend!

lulu begone: bookworm, gin drinker 11" x 17" print

henry and gertrude, criminal lovers 11" x 17" print

It's horrid out in Brooklyn right now. Look past the rain to this weekend, and plan to visit Jezebel and Digby & Iona under canopy 33 at the Renegade Craft Fair. I'm introducing some new prints, and we'll be listening to a steady diet of Zep and Pink Floyd.

*new prints available on etsy, full Jezebel line (minus the 2 new prints) available at www.ilovejezebel.com

04 June 2009

Though a black-haired Monica Vitti I will never be

True, they cannot actually help my baby fine locks materialize into the sultry Italian film star bed-head look of my dreams. Nonetheless, I love going to Commune.  The price is beyond right, and the shampooing is like a little mini trip to the spa.  

03 June 2009

the thief rides horseback

Sensuality (or maybe, sexuality) by Hitchcock detected elusively in North by Northwest, full stop in Marnie.

02 June 2009

Where once there was a city

On an early summer day consistently, precipitously on the verge of rain, the only thing to do is drink extra coffee and listen to Pink Floyd.

01 June 2009

In the event you are a millionaire's baby born in June

I've picked out some jewels for you from 1st Dibs, featuring your birthstone, emerald. Let me know which one you get.

Brooklyn bunnies

Digby & Iona nestling bunny ring often graces my middle finger

Astulabee snow bunny

Do visit a few of my favorite bunnies at the Renegade Craft Fair this weekend. Jezebel is sharing a tent with jeweler Digby & Iona.

Teepee in furs

I quietly took it to pieces

California School nude, 1900-1930s, $24,800

The next day we received three wreaths which grieved me to the heart; diadems that bulged in the middle like the ones country brides wear; how on earth could one look pretty in that? Marie and Anais, enraptured, tried theirs on in the midst of an admiring circle of juniors; I said nothing, but I took my accessory home where I quietly took it pieces. Then, on the same wire frame, I reconstructed a fragile, slender wreath with the big, starry marguerites placed as if by chance, ready to drop away; two or three flowers hung in bunches about my ears, a few trailed behind in my hair...
Claudine at School, Colette, 1900