24 August 2009

High arches, full quivers

Last Year at Marienbad

Drove uptown Saturday morning, then turned our gaze down, where we dined on avocado toast and fruit salad with mint at Cafe Gitane, washed it down with an iced cardamom coffee from Hampton Chutney, bought boots and bloomers, and sat for a Bloody Mary with Shirah under the faded black and white awning of the Bowery Hotel veranda. Marble stairs and rock crystal chandeliers and plush corridors pulls the silver threads of my omnipresent longing for imagined repose with my guitar player. Hotel films to quell the longing 'til we stay at the Tribeca Grand: The Silence, The Shining, Last Year at Marienbad, Lost in Translation, Grand Hotel, le petit Hotel Chevalier, Bay of Angels, Eva.

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