04 June 2008

Binth and Trace, how I did miss you!

The Great Lakes Goods

Carrot and Stick Press

Red Cap Cards

When thinking about the four days I spent in the Javits Center a few weeks ago, anything pithy or clever immediately flies from my brain. Grace has, as always, an exhaustive and fantastic recap of the show. I loved seeing my friend Rose from The Great Lakes Goods, formerly Tennis Anyone, and Kim K. an old DC friend, and am besides myself with joy that Susie from Carrot and Stick Press and Carrie of Red Cap Cards, creator of Apple Moshberry, will both be wearing Vagabond Picnic by Jezebel! It was also a bright light to meet illustrators Masha D'yans and Eleanor Grosch, and an amazing gemologist with a coral colored apartment (her mother told me all about it), and what would a trade show be without Stacy Pancake of Pancake and Franks reprimanding me about my posture. She's right- it's terrible.

p.s. The very best thing was meeting you readers of this here b-l-o-g!

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