07 May 2008

Hexapoda sexual peccadilloes and the ways of the way North.

a dark view of the theater

a still from My Winnipeg

My brother took me to the Tribeca Film Festival for my birthday; we went to see My Winnipeg, which was wacky, elegiac, and narrated live by Guy Maddin, the director, on hand for the proceedings. Preceding My Winnipeg, was Green Porno, an equally, perhaps more wacky series of 8 one minute shorts about Insect Sex, written, directed, and starring Isabella Rossellini. She was there, too, and my brother and I were both unexpectedly teary-eyed when she spoke. Green Porno is amazing, side-splitting hilarity and I now have the biggest crush on I. Rossellini. You should watch them all right now!

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