28 July 2008

Robber barons and redheads.

We spent Saturday with KP's parents, in town from Bucks County, home to the Pearl S. Buck House, though apparently not named for Mrs. Buck. The day began with brunch at Public, where a certain Sex and the City cast member was dining across the way, which really does begin a Manhattan day with a certain sort of luster. We then visited the Frick, a treasured Jezebel stockist, where KP surreptitiously took these photos (I believe I've already mentioned to you that breaking rules makes me nervous, but he is rather fearless). After an ice cream cone and a tour of Bergdorf's, we landed at Lupa (translation: she-wolf), where dinner began with a bellini and ended with cantaloupe sorbet. We then returned to Brooklyn, where Teepee and Coral had spent the day listening to Bitches Brew. Our pets love them some Miles.


Paul Pincus said...

teepee and coral are adorable ; )

jezebel said...

They are an amazing team. Coral is Teepee's best friend, but I'm not so sure that Teepee is Coral's best friend. It looks like you've got a bundle of sweetness, yourself.

Sarah said...

ahhhh Public, my first favorite nyc restaurant. so good, so so good. sounds like an amazing day lady.