21 July 2008

Sunshine of your love.

KP and I slipped away to the beach yesterday. Beaching feels like it needs to be at least 2 days to really take hold and shake the city out of you, though I do love a good day on the sand, and night at a roof party or an excellent bar garden. Though I'm always rather desperate at the idea of a beach vacation, this summer I'm saving my nickels and dimes for something else. I usually spend a weekend with my college lady loves at Congress Hall in Cape May, where the ballroom with the robin's egg walls and chipped black and white harlequin painted on wooden plank floors, and the cool marble stairwells flanked by soaring, fading mirrors sends my sun-addled mind into deliriums of filling the halls with friends in fancy dress, scribbling and strumming madly. Instead, I will be cooking up vats of this summer-corn salad, to load on corn tortillas with cabbage slaw, guacamole, and lots of lime and hot sauce, because as we know, all vegetarians are addicted to hot sauce.

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