02 July 2008

Celeb-in-training, mais oui!

54 East 55th Street, Rose Cumming Residence, 1927
via nyhistory.org

I'm not particularly astrologically inclined, but reading my "fashion horoscope" on NoGoodForMe this morning made me exhale. Silly, but it's nice to blindly and wildly believe the fiction you choose.

Your life is crrrraaaazzzzzzzyyyyy these days. Whose isn't, but yours feels especially tumultuous with all this crazy work action. Your home should be a refuge and a place to recharge, so a lot of your style energy could be devoted to fixing it up to reflect yourself. Usually you're a bundle of willpower and nerves, but take this chance to enjoy your home space. Don't worry, Aries -- you'll be back to your celeb-in-training ways soon enough, but till then make the place where you chill out and get away from it all a pretty one.


a well mannered young lady. said...

What part of the site did this photo come from? That room is so pretty I must know more!

jezebel said...

My dear Miss Well Mannered Young Lady, the photo can be found by searching "Rose Cumming" on their home page: nyhistory.org. If I should ever move into said residence, I'll invite you over for a game of badminton in the main hall.