02 April 2008

Under the shadow of the Williamsburg Bridge,

there is a jewelry shop called Bittersweets, run by a girl named Robin, with a black and white bunny. It is well worth the walk to the South Side to visit her enchanted treasure chest, and to experience a Williamsburg of days gone by. I wear a rose gold letter ring by Bittersweets on my left pinkie; it reads "BOB," as in Dylan. I just finished designing Robin's business cards and I couldn't be happier to have done so.


HollyG said...

jezebel, where can I find your stationary? I went into the Kate's on the Upper East Side to browse and couldn't find any, and I was sad... :-(

Dumuro said...

See Please Here

jezebel said...

Oh, no Holly G! They haven't stocked in a while, but I intend to take care of that. Greenwich Letterpress in the West Village has a wide selection of Jezebel.