08 February 2010

She who is chosen: Jezebel giveaway vol. 6!

Random.org has worked its dark magic and has chosen MYTWOCENTSWORTH as the winner of the Flotsam and Jetsam pirate ship earrings. MYTWOCENTSWORTH, before you sail off to Spain, please let me know in which direction I ought point your pirate ship earrings. I wore my pirate ship earrings on Saturday with black lace (thank you, Rebekah of Water Street!) and Sunday with bloomers - and I solemnly swear they flash beams of mythical, high sea magic across the sloth of deep winter.

If you did not win, do not despair! Another giveaway is coming up next week, and the pirate ship earrings, along with a trove of other Flotsam and Jetsam NY pieces are available at Catbird.

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