21 June 2010

Reintroducing Voodoo

A swan family crossed our path yesterday - three little ones, just as it should be.

And: While I don't care much for Band of Horses and Karen Elson looks beautiful, Grizzly Bear brought their bouquet of choral delights to our town last night. I wore sequins, he wore peacocks, we 4 enjoyed a mess of tacos and Roberta's against the backdrop of a better skyline there never was.


east side bride said...

your boyfriend is a dapper gent ;)

Karena said...

So glad to find you and excited to read much more!

Art by Karena

jezebel said...

I love new friends! Welcome, Karena.
I love old friends, too! Hi ESB.

theue said...

voodoo and tacos in the same post! i must read more!