28 September 2010


Mosaicology asked (thank you!), I answered. I'm normally shabby at these things- this time, fleet feet! Though, I haven't quite played by all the rules, so shabby still, I suppose.

1. I am an only daughter's only daughter.
2. I am black-haired, turning white.
3. I am intent on anonymously distributing a pamphlet.
4. I am outing my anonymous intentions.
5. I am a weasel, and an owl.
6. I am green-eyed, though not the jealous sort.
7. I am in love.


P.Gaye Tapp at Little Augury said...

all good things to be, I am glad you are. pgt

theue said...

2. I am black-haired, turning white.

you and me.