02 November 2010

Best to protect yourself

I just had these evil eye rings made in India. They are oxidized sterling silver, set with 18 1.3 mm rosecut diamonds surrounding a single 2.5 mm rosecut diamond center stone. Want one? Want three? Oh, I do love you! They're $288 and are available at Catbird or you can email me directly at leighbatnick@gmail.com. Detail shots will be available shortly - I'm too impatient & excited not to share with you cabbages.


AmyLud said...

Oh Leigh- I love these rings!! Merry Christmas to me:) I might seriously be in touch with you soon about getting one of those on my hand. I hope all is well in NYC and can't wait to catch up over the holidays. All is well in Scotland and your blog is such a great reminder of home:)
Take care-

victoria thorne said...

yes, want three. would that santa would drop them down chimney... they are of great charm, perfectly brilliant.

jezebel said...

A.L., we miss you! Come back soon.

And, I cut a mean deal for all who visit here. xx