12 January 2011

Literally so

We fly to Paris in April. Please, dear ones, tell me what we must do, everything from the very obvious to the most strange, secret place you love disproportionately.


Sidonie said...

Visit Versailles on the cloudiest day you encounter; walk through the Queen's Hamlet.
Get lost in Shakespeare & Company. (I went three times and would have been perfectly happy to have never left.)
Dine on the most delicious Moroccan food imaginable at Au P'tit Cahoua, 24, Rue des Taillandiers.
Gaze at the Unicorn tapestries in the Musée National du Moyen-Age.
Kiss the grave of Oscar Wilde at Pére-Lachaise.
Climb to the top of Notre-Dame.
Spin in circles underneath the Eiffel Tower.
Buy the simplest and plainest beret possible that becomes magic because it is from Paris.
I could go on forever... :) I hope (no, I know) that Paris will be more beautiful than one could think possible.

jezebel said...

Sidonie, you are a shining star - I will do them all!

Hausfrau said...

I agree about Shakespeare & Co. (go upstairs and type something on the typewriter hidden in a little alcove--hopefully there will be some ink in the ribbon!).

Wander the Marais, especially on and around Rue Vieille du Temple. Go to Mariage Freres.

Have a picnic in the Tuileries gardens before going to the Louvres. Shop at Astier de Villattes because I've missed it twice.

Cimitiere de Montmartre is pretty cool and not crowded. Buy a baguette and shop along rue des Abbesses (Tombe du Camion is a tiny treasure trove).

Take a boat cruise along the Seine at night!

Sarah said...

picnic on the seine. cliche but my favorite way to waste an afternoon away

i stopped into see you on a whim at CB but you were not there - soon