12 April 2011

My castle, my books.

The following night (1982), Richard revisited his favorite Dylan Thomas radio play, Under Milkwood, at a public reading...Unbeknown to Richard, while he was reciting to a rapt audience, Elizabeth quietly entered the theater and slipped onto the stage, standing behind him. The audience was thrilled at the sight of her, and Burton wondered what the excitement was all about. Wearing jeans and a loose sweater, she suddenly upstaged him by curtsying and throwing a kiss to the standing-room-only audience. She then whispered to Richard, in perfect Welsh, "I love you."
"Say it again, once more, my petal. Say it louder," Burton answered.
Elizabeth, now addressing the audience, repeated the words: "Rwy'n dy garu di." -Furious Love: Elizabeth Taylor, Richard Burton, and the Marriage of the Century

Some books were written to be read on a plane by a starry-eyed newlywed.


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