30 October 2007

In the hall there hung two Watteaus.

The Marc Jacobs spring '08 show reminded me of this quote from The Pursuit of Love, by Nancy Mitford:

Meanwhile, preparations for the ball went forward, occupying every single member of the household. Linda's and my dresses, white taffeta with floating panels and embroidered bead belts, were made by Mrs. Josh, whose cottage was besieged at all hours to see how they were getting on. Louisa's came from Reville, it was silver lamé in tiny frills, each frill edged with blue net. Dangling on the left shoulder and strangely unrelated to the dress, was a large pink silk overblown rose.

These are looks for Louisa.

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jezebel said...

right, since this is not a comment-heavy blog (read: not reader heavy, either) i will comment to myself. i just learned some html and employed it correctly! that's right, self. how do you think that little accent acute arrived over the "e" in lamé? look there it is again!