19 February 2008

Whispering your secret emotion/Magic in a magical land.

If I dressed exclusively in Alberta Ferretti, could I channel the cool-tempered, warm-blooded, bed-headed goddess of Antonioni's world? Alberta makes me believe we all could.

Monica Vitti, L'Avventura

I've been devising an imaginary glass walled apartment, on the Ionian Sea, for said heroine.

a Missoni-esque chair for her to listen to Edda Dell'Orso in, patent leather Ferragamo heels dangling from her toes

a chandelier to tumble over her desk, in the spirit of sea water

a slightly industrial desk (our heroine is needs somewhere expansive to lay
her head and sprawl her bronzed arms and weep)

an Etruscan-inspired vase (shall remain empty more often than not)

someone to drink a morning americano with

a sky blue passport cover,
because you just never know when you'll be invited to Mozambique

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