30 October 2008

Halloweenie? Pas moi.

As I might or might not have mentioned here before, I am not a great fan of costumes on adults.  They make me quite uncomfortable and I am convinced that I would revert to my 8 year old self and cry silently if confronted with those horrific life-sized characters at Disney World, et al.  That being said, a huge thank you to the glorious Emine of Cloven Hoof for bestowing me with my very own human tooth necklace.  I've twined the necklace around my wrist for I do love a bracelet (evidence above).  Further significance to this gift, unbeknownst to Emine: in dental school, my father cast a to-scale human tooth he had carved into a gold necklace for my mother (said necklace in now part of my collection of precious relics).  Come to Catbird to see Cloven Hoof in all it's splendor- I had a very nice time draping the grouse foot and scarab necklaces over porcelain hands.  

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