30 October 2008

Kimono Riot.

Blue and Violet: La Belle de Jour, James Whistler, 1885

It would be very inappropriate (and very nippy) to walk around town in various states of kimono-undress, Whistler-subject style. This amazing, slightly insane ring by Amie Louise Plante gets the Japanese- nouveau-dishabille job done without the...dishabille.


Kevin said...

Kimono Riot!?! Hey, what are you really tryin' to say!??!?!

jezebel said...

It's time. Taylor S., Maya Lily, Coral, Shadow, Binx, Marco, 'Bastie, Teepee, Sweet Pea Linus Gumdrop Nacho Tuna- they need to rock out, all in teeny tiny wee little kimonos and emerald necklaces. The boy kitties will wear tuxedoes, though. This is a semi-formal affair.

Amie Plante said...

Thanks for featuring the ring.