24 March 2009

Spied! Teepee in her tent!

Part of having the world's sweetest pup means that every time I turn the camera on to photograph Teepee she comes running to say hello and give kisses.  This morning though, she was sufficiently worn down by a weekend at Grandma's to stay cozied in her tent.  In front of her tent you'll spot her mangled fox stole, which is about half it's original size, and has also sadly been beheaded.  Her toys and bones are stashed in a leopard train case, and the linoleum floors are an aesthetic sin, covering beautiful wood, of course.  


Andrea said...

You must have been reading my mind!! I was thinking of you and Teepee as this wonderful message came through. Taylor and I have been sitting here laughing and smiling at the pics. AMAZING! She is a very lucky and loved pup!! Give her kisses and hugs from us please. We love her! We miss you ladies!! Hope we can see eachother soon.

xoxo Andie

Mon Petit Fantome said...

What a sweetie pie; she looks so adorable all sleepy in her tent.

The Missive Maven said...

Ohhhhhhhh, this is preciousssss!

sue said...