02 March 2009

When it snows in March,

and you have lived in an apartment since August and are an absolute cinephile who has neglected to plug in her television and dvd player, opting instead for precarious lap-perched, laptop viewing, it is time to plug in and test-drive the system with Une Femme est Une Femme. Teepee is nowhere to be seen, which leads me to believe she is sitting on the rug, watching, while I work in the kitchen, with occasional breaks to work on a grocery list for the baked potato soup I plan on making tonight, because, it is snowing and it is March.


Bethany said...

what did you think of the film?
I haven't seen this one. I love godard, but definitely have to be in just the right mood!

jezebel said...

I always feel like you can see Karina and Godard giggling at each other in this one. It is a very particular film!