26 July 2009

A river of crystal light this rainy Sunday night

After a day searching for wedding dresses with Chell and Emma, we stopped for a late afternoon Bloody Mary, where Teepee made friends with the cutest of the gaggle of wee ones belonging to a gaggle of gorgeous Australians. I then learned that tzatziki elevates joy into a delirious wooden shoe adventure on Bedford Avenue.

More Silly Symphonies because they are just so strange, and so familiar, and I could listen to them all day and night.


jasonwclark said...

Yes, Silly Symphonies!
Building castles out of sofa cushions, and eating cookies with my grandma --

Here's a tune for making me smile today...


jezebel said...

Oh, wow! I never saw this before- the music could happily be the soundtrack to my life. Thank you Jason!