04 November 2009


I know why I'm having trouble rousing myself this morning. I'm not quite sure what Teepee's excuse is, though I suspect it might have something to do with this: my girl is short, and not prone to acts of bravery, and we can come last night to a chihuahua on a couch. It has never happened before, and will never happen again, until she is goaded once more to such lofty heights by Coral the leopard who I'm sure dashed off to snuggle in her Eames lounger while Teepee trembled the hours away on the couch, waiting for us to come rescue her.


jasonwclark said...

This might be the most adorable puppy shot I've ever seen.

She deserves her own animated feature, with a "Sleepy Teepee" sing along album, and duet alongside a young Kathryn Beaumont.

little augury said...

how adoggable! la