06 November 2009

"Without the poetry it's nothing"

I had a dream a few weeks ago that all of my jewelery turned to dust. Since that dream, I've shattered a ring, misplaced 2 bracelets, and lost a ring down the drain. They were all 4 gifts, and all 4 beautiful and with secret meaning to me. Goodbye departed friends! I wonder what the pearl is. There's always a pearl.


Tara Dillard said...

THE GARDEN??? Fabulous. Formality in scruff. Enfilade, focal point, cone-round-rectangle shapes, canopy-understory trees, ceiling-wall-floor-hallway-ballroom (the pond) painted with plantings.

Easily cared for with unskilled labor, turf doesn't need mowing every week nor need it be a monoculture.

An old fashioned garden not needing chemicals, fertilizer, nor irrigation system. Not counting the pond!!

I can smell it and hear the birds, crickets, wind.

Your pearl?

You gave me a gift. The joy of this garden. Thank you.

Garden & Be Well, XO Tara

Kitty said...

what a horrible nightmare! have you analyzed the dream?

jasonwclark said...

Yes - So true!

I was in Santa Cruz over the weekend, and met a troop of gals who make their entire living as sea glass ‘huntresses.’ I would never have guessed it, but apparently ‘the grays’ are the most valuable by far - like only one in a thousand. There’s something about that I just really love.


Unrelated, but still on the mind: My god, how amazing was Joan last night! “Sterling Cooper Draper Pryce…” Now all they have to do is get that Art Department back in order, and they’ll be unstoppable. I’m totally buying Canada Dry next I go to the grocery store - my grandparents used to drink that stuff like water.

jezebel said...

Tara Dillard, you gave me a pearl. Thank you for teaching me about a photo I posted for its quiet stillness, its air of slight unease with its own tremulous beauty. I forgot to mention that the garden is actually a bird sanctuary near Theodore Roosevelt's grave. http://digitalgallery.nypl.org/nypldigital/id?415024

Kit-tee, I've not analyzed the dream. I've got some hunches though...