15 April 2010

Achieving Atmosphere

picture frm?

It's alright to hold tight to what we loved when we were seventeen. All of a sudden, the world feels small, scalable, and the stratospheres, endless: Francesca Lia Block offers writing instruction in Los Angeles, a city I've never been too. But Shangri-L.A.? I've been there.

Once, in a city called Shangri-L.A., or Hell-A, or just Los Angeles, lived Weetzie Bat, the daughter of Brandy-Lynn and Charlie Bat. A genie granted Weetzie three wishes so she wished for a Duck for her best friend Dirk McDonald, "My Secret Agent Lover Man for me," and a little home for them all to live in happily ever after. The wishes came true, mostly... -Witch Baby, Francesca Lia Block

(for Elizabeth)

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