08 April 2010


Blanche & Hannah Daisy, Blanche Susan

My grandmother loved her mother Blanche so: when her fourth child and only daughter was due two days after her dearly departed mother's birthday, she begged the doctor to induce her. The doctor refused, and Blanche, my mother who I love so, was born on April 9th. The two Blanches never met, though this April 7th, birthday of my great-grandmother Blanche, my mother received two phone calls wishing her a happy birthday. I like to think that one phone call was on behalf of my grandmother, and the other on behalf of the first Blanche, herself.


little augury said...

we all arrive in our own time-as we know it has little to do with the connections we feel to our past. such a beautiful picture-pgt

Anonymous said...

like ships in the night...and never the two shall meet. But certainly there is nothing wrong with 'perfect...plus two days'