01 July 2010

A short wind

Had a dream last night about 18' tall basketball players, loping around the grocery store where I was. They were horrifying, especially the woman, the equally looming paramour of one of the players, whose enormous breasts swayed violently, pendulously, exposed from the bottom of her too-short shirt. These giants were literally nightmarish Giacomettis, a revisiting of the Tripods who've haunted me since childhood. Turns out, we both dreamed of giants.

To set right this day: J. & 68 F.

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jasonwclark said...

Scholastic Press flashback! If only more children had their minds warped at a young age by that trilogy...
I still find the upright easel unnerving for that exact same reason.

Eraser link is thoroughly hypnotizing, and the Giacometti truly terrifying - Cap tips all around for the cool finds.