26 July 2010

Sick little furhead, we love you

Photo of my love by John Durgee, soon to be found at durgee.com.
"Sorry Julia," says John.

Modern moment, or what I did on Saturday night. I listened, and I loved Adam's Castle, too, but I must confess: I was dreaming of running home to Daisy Fay and James Gatz. Or less than running, strolling, maybe with a sneaky, late-night treat.

Lover, gold-hatted, high-bouncing lover,
I must have you!


jasonwclark said...

There couldn't be a more perfect instrument for Jezebel's love. Black and beautiful - so cool!

jasonwclark said...

and while I'm still oggling, will he be taking that spaceship to the West sometime this year? We definitely need the liveness out here

HollyG said...

Ah, James Gatz and Daisy Fay! I think something terrible may be happening to America's youth, because my sophomores last year thought that Daisy was a twit and Gatsby a creep. What of poetry and gold-hatted lovers?

jezebel said...

Hallelujah, Sarah! What of poetry and gold-hatted lovers!