12 October 2010

against the glass or for Carla, with love

Snow White

House sitting for David and Carla Cohen allowed me to pour over their bookshelves, an extension of the passion that I was blessed to be bathed in during my tenure at Politics & Prose. Beyond the bookshelves, there was the garden, the kitchen, the sofas worn with love, the beating presence of family. Carla showed me such great kindness while I knew her, despite her frustration with my rejection of a book or two she pressed into my hands. I've since read them all, including her favorite, Angle of Repose. Carla is one of the great forces in my life; I wish I had written the letter I meant to send, telling her so.

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chell said...

much love, dear L. you express so well what it means to remember. wishing you, your friend and her fam so much peace. xoxo.