08 March 2008

My castle, my books.

Tsar Nicholas II with Marie, Tatiana, Olga, Alexandra, and Alexei

It's been a restless few weeks, flitting from book to book, since I left Pattie Boyd behind. I've settled contentedly into a $1 cart rescue of the out of print One Man in His Time: The Memoirs of Serge Obolensky. It's only been a few pages but I can already tell that owning this autographed edition would be a sacred relic of a world past. It's also a relief for my thirsty eyes that the new issue of Vanity Fair arrived today. I will parcel out such delicious morsels as "A Claim to Camelot," about the possibility of an illegitimate male heir of J.F.K. (to which I say, only one illegtitmate heir?!) and "The Real Angels," an article on Carole King, Carly Simon, Joni Mitchell being visited by muses in the guise of Leonard Cohen, Cat Stevens, Graham Nash, et al.

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