06 March 2008

Vivre sa vie.

Anna Karina in My Life to Live (Vivre Sa Vie), 1962

This stationer has been having a rough time of it lately. By way of consolation and distraction I have been watching loads of films. On tap tonight is Jean Luc Godard's Le Petit Soldat. There is a captivating video of Godard and Karina floating around, totally mutually captivated with one another, that I will share with you when I'm better equipped for such.


HollyG said...

Don't worry, Jezebel...I think that being a vagabond spirit sometimes leads to periods of melancholy. I feel a weird kinship with your blog and think you should read the Griffin and Sabine books if you haven't already!

Fancy said...

If you're on an Anna Karina kick, and you want to chase away the mean reds (i'm stealing that from some other actress from the 50's) you need to watch a 'Woman Is A Woman' but by all means stay away from 'My Life to Live'.