09 September 2008

Ada's faded revolutionaries, all in gleaming furs.

I'm not particularly a tea person; I am particularly a coffee person. I find tea to be very dry - not without flavor, it just feels oddly...dry, for a liquid. I am, however a beautiful packaging/company with serious history person (Kusmi was founded in St Petersburg in 1867 and re-located to Paris on the eve of the Russian Revolution), so I now plotting which Kusmi tea to purchase. It might be the smoky Earl Grey or the spicy chocolate.


Caroline said...

I became addicted to Kusmi tea while living in Paris, and I would also recommend the lemon-ginger variety, which makes especially excellent iced tea.

catbird said...

i had a box of that tea that my sister gave me bc of the box. you just inspired me to drink it, but it seems it is no longer in my pantry. apparently it has special vanishing powers.

jezebel said...

When I become addicted, I'll tell myself that it all started when I lived in Paris. Because nothing sounds dreamier than that.